International airport PuDong(Code - PWG) --located 30km from city center.
Transfer to city:
1. by bus - to different points of city. Every 15 min, 60-70min of drive. Costs 25-30 RMB.
2. by taxi - 30-40min, will cost 120-150RMB.
3. by magnetic train "Maglev" - speed 430 km/h, 8min drive, cost 75 RMB.
Airport HongQiao (Code - SHA) mostly serving local airlines. Located close to city. To get there by taxi from city center will cost 30-40RMB. Please remark, that driving FROM this airport to city the car have to pass toll gate and charge of 10 RMB taxi driver will include to the driving fee.
*For visiting partners we can provide car with driver and book a hotel upon request.