ID: RuPhonet 2006 (build 01)

Autor: (c) 2003 Armen Majaryan (no limitations).

Russian phonetic input for windows 2000/XP/2003 (this version is not designed for Asian language Windows).
win2000 - tested
winXP - tested
win2003 - tested

Download RuPhonet 2006.exe (299Kb).
1. Installation:
Run RuPhonet2006.exe. After installation (no need to reboot!), go to control panel ->Regional and language options-> Languages->Details and choose phonetic keyboard layout.
NOTE: If you use computer in internet-bar with admin rights, download and install will take no more then one min. If you just can't access to admin priviliges on given computer, use
Cyrillic Starter or
If access to control panel is disabled by internet-bar admin, just run intl.cpl command from Start menu->Run to call "regional and language options" dialog.
2. Uninstall: from control panel "add/remove programs" - as a regular windows program. But before(!) deactivate russian phonetic from control panel ->Regional and language options->Languages->Details.

!!! If you really hate to see ццц.рччте.яом instead of - use Keyboard Ninja: it will auto-switch your language inputs. (No installation needed!)

The layout itself:
Note: many people used to Cyrillic Starter layout (like myself). RuPhonet has preserved the same key pathern
to make it painlees if you switch from Cyrillic Starter. Just some corrections has been made:
1. keys (:) (+) (") (.) became easier to access.
2. Shift (;:) (,.) (<>) remain "as it is" printed on US keyboard.
( issues above drive me nuts on Cyrillic Starter!).

1. Classic english (russian is based on this layout)

2. Russian Phonetic (small caps)

3. Russian Phonetic (Shift)

4. Russian Phonetic (special symbols - Ctrl+Alt)

***Большой мягкий знак появляется при "Caps Lock"
***Capital "soft sign" will appear under "Caps Lock"

print view

Other options:

1. Cyrillic Starter (29$ and it worth of this money!)
2. Russian phonetic keyboard driver (10$ - any reason to pay???)
3. Y aWERT (free, but reassigning original windows keyboard DLL)
4. KBDRU-PH (same as above + complicated installation)